Lifting And Freeskiing In Western Norway

500 seconds | 1280 x 720 | Tuomas - Alpland GmbH | 04/20/2023
Tale: 2/12.

Location: Bergen & Voss, Western Norway.

Mission: Spontaneous gym workout and search for deep snow.

As I was born and raised in Northern Finland, the upper region of Norway has become very familiar to me over the time. So it was kind of a clear choice to head down south to the unknown to see all the beauty and the opportunities they have to offer. Really good decision I can tell you.

My approach to gym workouts and workouts in general is very liberal: I’ve been lifting weights since the age of 10, so I pretty much know my body and what it needs. I tend to shock it in various ways every single day, but the main thing is to change the routine constantly. That’s the reason I contacted Fredrik from Bergen Fitness and asked him to set me up with a routine without revealing me anything about it. The day when training took place was actually the first time we ever met.

Despite of a terrible flu I was determined to follow through with the workout. We did some basic lifts circuit style with some nice twists and for that day that particular workout was spot on for me, I really could not have done any more. The main thing here was to put myself in an unfamiliar situation in many ways and I think I accomplished that goal.

But what would a trip to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world be without backcountry skiing. I knew there would be a lot of snow as that area (Voss and Myrkdalen in particular) of Norway gets one of the biggest snowfalls in Europe each year. But was I in for a surprise: Almost 5 metres of snow in certain spots, that is just ridiculous, in a good way of course! For me backcountry skiing is not performing, working out or training in any ways: It’s specifically time to relax, being one with the nature and not worrying about anything, not even the quality of snow. Conditions are always what they are and what you can do is just to deal with it. When you approach your training and for example skiing this way, there won’t be any disappointments and you will enjoy each day to the fullest. But enough of chit-chat now, just feel the video,


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